Nic-Salts & Pod Devices

We've seen every form of nicotine sourcing and nicotine alternatives. Tobacco-free nicotine that's synthesized in a lab rather than extracted from a plant. Herbal supplements which claim to alleviate the need for nicotine. But out of all these new sources, none stand out more than nicotine salts. They are less likely to irritate your throat and are naturally smoother tasting.

We've come across plenty of chain smokers who no longer want to smoke an actual cigarette and would prefer to use a vape. Most of these heavy smokers however can't get around the throat hit and uncontrollable coughing from nicotine potent enough to deliver on their expectations. If you only use a tiny bit of nicotine but still seek an ever-smoother hit, nicotine salts can deliver delicate flavors and allow them to shine through.

The development of nic-salts shows some early signs of promise, and Lyfestyle Vapekrew LLC in Roseburg, OR is one of the foremost experts in this industry watching intently. It's only a matter of time, so call (541) 671-5235 today to find out more information.