Regulated MODs

There are two main types of regulated devices:

  • Adjustable power
  • Fixed voltage

Adjustable power devices

These types of regulated mods have a chipset that allows for controlled power to the atomizer to remain constant. If the battery were to drop below the battery's minimum voltage limit, the mod will no longer run and the battery will need to be charged.

Fixed-voltage devices

Fixed-voltage sometimes refers to cigarette-looking ecigs or something like a standard eGo (pen-style) battery which uses fixed-voltage battery power from built-in batteries. If you are a beginner, using regulated mods with a fixed voltage allows you to conserve the vape's battery.

If you want to go with unregulated mods, then you must have a knowledgeable understanding with ohm's law. If you do not, Lyfestyle Vapekrew LLC in Roseburg, OR strongly recommends you stick to regulated mods. There are plenty of products we offer with basic battery safety features and a digital display which displays nothing more than a user-error as a warning message.

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